WVMEA's 2018 In-Service Conference will be March 8-10 at the Civic Center in Charleston, WV.
More information is available here.

The new Solo and Ensemble Information is now available! Information concerning registration for the 2018 In-Service Conference will be posted following the November 4th Executive Board meeting, along with other conference-related items.

To join WVMEA go to www.nafme.org and click "JOIN" at the top of the page. You can purchase Official WVMEA merchandise by going to PepWear. Just click their logo at the bottom of the page.

The WV Society of General Music is currently seeking nominations for Teacher of the Year. Any general music teacher teaching k-8 and is a current member of NAfME is eligible. Nominations are due by November 30th, 2017. See wvsocietyforgeneralmusic.weebly.com for more information.

Rosemary Gano, a guitar teacher in VA serving on the NAfME Council for Guitar Education, is trying to put together a picture of what is going on across the country regarding Classroom Guitar. If you are willing to share some information that would be helpful to her, please complete this form.

Our Website has links to the Teach 21 Website and other WVDE Fine Arts resources. We also have Music in Our Schools Month information and a link to the U.S. Army Band Online Master Classes. There are articles about the history of music education in our state in our online archive of Notes da Capo, and state and national organizations can be found under Music Links. Information concerning WVMEA Project & Professional Development Grants and the Bugle Bill fund is also available.

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